About Big Babe Cigars

Big Babe was my dad, a World War II war hero, a straight shooter, a man of action that delivered on his promises. Dad lived what he said and out of admiration we have named our cigar company in his honor.  Our yes is our yes, our product is guaranteed, and we intend to exceed your expectations.

My son Chuck and I have been tirelessly working on getting the right blends from a reliable source.  After several years and many trips to Latin America, we met Yojanny Nistal. Yojanny, born in Cuba, began working in a cigar factory when he was eight years old. At 21 Yojanny made the dangerous journey to the shores of America. By 24, American passport in hand, he began his Tabacalera (cigar factory) in Nicaragua. Fifteen years later his passion for cigars and knowledge of tobacco allowed for a perfect partnership and Big Babe Cigars came to life.

Big Babe Cigars was formed out of respect for the greatest man I’ve ever known. He was larger than life, my wisest counselor, incredibly street smart and hard hitting, yet a total softy. Here’s to you Big Babe.

Now go ahead and try one.

About Gary & Chuck

Gary Schmidt

Gary Schmidt - Father & Founder of Big Babe Cigars

Gary was born and raised in Southern California in February of 1959. He always had a “salesman’s spirit” and at a young age of 6, he was already smuggling candy on to the elementary school campus to sell for a profit. At 11 years old he fell in love with surfing and has traveled from Panama to New Zealand searching for the best waves. Later in life, Gary naturally fell into real estate, as a realtor, and did very well, but once the economy started to crumble, his invested fortune started to fall with it. As a man who always enjoyed cigars, and has always had a “visionary” perspective on life, he started to venture down a path, with his oldest son Chuck, which is now: Big Babe Cigars

Chuck Schmidt Co-Founder of Big Babe Cigars

Chuck Schmidt - Son & Founder of Big Babe Cigars

Chuck grew up in San Pedro, California into a family that was anything but normal. With sense of adventure from his father, and with a love for the unknown from his mother, Chuck always made his own path starting at an early age. Once his family relocated to the Northwest, Chuck found his first and true passion in snowboarding. After graduating high school, visiting 17 different countries, and collecting stories along the way, Chuck naturally fell into business just like his father. He has always admired cigars, its culture and its history, and always dreamed of owning a cigar company, and is now doing just that with the man he looks up to most: his father.

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