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Inspired by American ingenuity & the will to make things better in life through a cigar.

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“Just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean it’s wrong”

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The Pastors

The Pastor’s, a light and smooth bodied smoke with the best after taste this side of heaven.

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Our full-bodied smoke, deep and complex.

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Our medium-bodied blend that delivers a rich taste, perfect burn, and just the right size to not knock you down.

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Our mild-bodied blend that’s pure heaven.

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Cheaper than it looks our hand rolled Politician actually comes through on it’s promise to deliver a good smoke at a great price.

Hand rolled in the traditional Cuban style

Big Babe was my dad, a World War II war hero, a straight shooter, a man of action that delivered on his promises. Dad lived what he said and out of admiration we have named our cigar company in his honor.  Our yes is our yes, our product is guaranteed.  We intend to exceed your expectations. Learn More >

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